Some notable notes...

Scribbles Social was started in July 2015 to help nonprofit organizations get more strategic and organized with their social media and digital marketing efforts. Over the years, we accomplished some great work together with our clients. We hosted more than 30 live workshops and trained upwards of 400 nonprofit professionals on this topic.

Something we noticed while helping our clients, is that marketing/communications work and fundraising work are often intertwined.

While we are still proponents of using social media and digital marketing channels to tell your story, raise awareness, and deepen relationships with your audience; we also recognize that this is one piece of a larger fundraising strategy.

We have now shifted focus to provide more comprehensive fundraising services.

We are passionate about working with small nonprofit teams.

Our Fractional Fundraising services are a "sweet spot" combination of strategy and implementation that help these small organizations level up, building more diverse and sustainable revenue generation systems.

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To connect people of all ages and stages to causes close to their heart


Our vision is to unlock the “secrets” of philanthropy for everyone; to empower people in using their generosity for the good of humankind.


Fail Forward

There are opportunities to learn everywhere around us. We are comfortable with unlearning and rethinking things frequently. We operate with a beginner mindset. We frequently ask “why not?” and gravitate towards discovery.

Systems Focused

We take a step back to understand how things are connected. This applies to people, relationships, and networks; it also applies to systems. We use leading-edge technology to build sustainable, efficient systems. We invest time in streamlining processes to expand capacity.

Connection and Community

Relationships are our greatest asset. We believe in partnerships - win-win relationships that embody mutual benefit. We are community-centric. We celebrate the achievements of others. We recognize and appreciate the differences of others, knowing that it’s those differences that make us stronger together.


We operate with an abundance mindset. We are optimists. We see the potential in others and give the benefit of the doubt. We have faith in the generosity of humankind.

Mindful Service

Inclusion, diversity, equity. Fairness and justice. We make thoughtful decisions about how we want to show up in the world and investing in social impact organizations is part of that. We take accountability for our decisions (both successes and failures) and value transparency and humility.

Habitual Creativity

Endless curiosity. Experimentation. We are creative problem solvers and innovators. We make space each day for thinking and staying open to inspiration.

Scribbles Social would like to acknowledge the sacred land where we work. We are situated in Anishinaabek territory, as recognized in the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850 and the Williams Treaty of 1923. Indigenous peoples in the area are of Ojibway, Chippewa, Odawa and Pottawatomi lineage who are united by a common language, kinship and clan memberships. Mohawk people from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy also reside in the area and have historical connections to both southern and eastern Ontario. Parry Sound area is home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. We commit to learning and practicing how to respectfully engage with the land and its people.