Let me do the heavy lifting in your fundraising program

Outsource your fundraising

Increase your impact

Sleep better at night

Traditional support options just aren't cutting it:

Hiring In-House

Small budget means inexperienced staff who require more effort and time to manage.


Strategic direction without implementation means a “plan” sits on a computer for 3 years and your big investment goes down the drain.

It's time to try a more contemporary choice!

Let me take the weight of fundraising off your shoulders

It's simple - let me run your fundraising program. That's right - eliminate the stress and overwhelm of trying to "do it all" and let me, Fractional Fundraiser, manage the day-to-day of your fundraising needs.

You need a Raise It! Certified Fractional Fundraiser

Strategic Oversight

A Raise It! Certified Fractional Fundraiser has over 10 years of fundraising experience.

We always start our work with you with a fundraising plan that outlines strategic objectives and a work plan for your fundraising program.

Hands-on Implementation

We then implement that plan! From strategy to stuffing envelopes, if it’s in the plan, we’ll make sure it gets done.

I'll manage your fundraising. You focus on changing the world.

1. Book a Discovery Call.

Let’s hop on a call so I can learn more about your organization and goals.

2. I’ll develop a fundraising plan and then implement it.

I’ll start with building you a comprehensive strategic fundraising plan and then I’ll implement it. I work on 12 month contracts, so you have stability and security in your fundraising program for it to grow.

3. Stress-free fundraising growth.

You focus on the work you love to do and watch your fundraising program grow.

Trusted by:

What to expect

Risk free, results oriented

Hiring in-house comes with a lot of risk and not much reward. Just imagine getting better fundraising results without hiring staff, providing space for them, and managing their day-to-day activities. Forget staff turnover or only hiring someone “your budget can afford”. We provide the best in small-shop fundraising at a budget you can afford, taking away your risk.

Your relationships

We respect the work you’ve already put into building your relationships and they will always stay with your organization. When we act on your behalf, we’re representing your organization. We do not bring donors to your organization, nor do we take them with us when we leave.

Consistency for your ROI

Fundraising success takes time and consistency. Your results depend on where you are starting and what your fundraising priorities are. When is the right time to make this investment? That depends on your ambitions for your organization. A Fractional Fundraiser exists to make the most of your investment.


Usually small organizations have limited budgets for staffing, which means they end up hiring someone junior without much fundraising strategy or experience. That person usually ends up spending a lot of time and energy on things that are not moving things forward. Instead, with that budget you can hire a Fractional Fundraiser who brings over 10 years of fundraising experience to the table with a passion for implementation and getting it done. Our clients love this solution to help them grow strategically. An added benefit is that a Fractional Fundraiser require less supervision meaning less stress for the ED! Bonus!

A Fractional Fundraiser costs between $4,000 and $5,000 per month plus tax. Contracts start at 12 months.

Each organization is unique and your fundraising strategy should be unique to you. Fractional Fundraisers are fundraising generalists and can do it all - from individual giving and major gifts, to grant writing or sponsorships. The only thing we don't do are large events. We start each engagement with a Strategic Planning process to develop a clear fundraising plan with goals and activities to move your fundraising forward. Then, we do the work! Implementation means writing appeals, managing your data, working with your program team to write and submit grants, building relationships, managing sponsorships, doing social media, etc. We help you figure out which activities are a priority and then we do them. We even stuff envelopes when needed!

If a fundraiser or fundraising consultant offers guaranteed results, RUN. That is probably a sign they are doing something unethical. Fundraising success takes time and consistency. Your results depend on where you are starting and what your fundraising priorities are.

Here's a novel approach - we don't track hours! That's right - we focus on deliverables and outcomes. Fractional Fundraisers are experienced and efficient and take on only the amount of clients they can handle as well as how much they want to work (shocker - not everyone wants to work 60 hours/week - LOL). Our clients are delighted at the level of support they receive.